HMS Seraph (Visiting Submarine)

The Jolly Roger of HMS Seraph

It is sometimes written that HMS/M Seraph left from Blyth to carry out the famous ‘Man who Never Was’ mission but this is not the case. Seraph arrived at Blyth on 28th February 1943 for the installation of radar, a refit and to rest the crew.

The boat remained at Blyth until April 7, 1943, when she left for Holy Loch.

Seraph arrived at Holy Loch on April 10. Preparations were made for Operation Mincemeat. Seraph left Holy Loch to carry out the operation on April 19, 1943.

Control Room of HMS Seraph
Helmsman of Seraph
Motor room of Seraph
Seraph at Blockhouse, 23 December 1943. Note the radar fitted at Blyth

ADM 173/18036, ADM 173/18037, ADM 173/18038, ADM 173/18039, ADM 173/18040,ADM 173/18043, ADM 173/18044

Seraph leaves Blyth following a visit to No 5 Dry Dock